About Geoffrey Hall


Geoffrey Hall has earned a formidable reputation as one of Australia's great cinematographers - his work in all film genres, drama TVCs, documentary and music videos, earning accolades and awards both here in Australian and overseas.

His work on the much lauded feature film "Chopper" launched an international career which has to date, seen Geoff filming in the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia.

"He has the ability to take a director's visual intentions and render them with a verve and clarity that is breathtaking. His images stay with you for years."


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IF Awards

  • Best Cinematography
  • 2011 Red Dog
  • 2000 Chopper



  • Best Cinematography - Nominated
  • 2012 Red Dog



  • Best Cinematography - Two nominations
  • 2002 Dirty Deeds
  • 2000 Chopper

Australian Cinematographers Society National Golden Tripod awards

  • 2002 “The Smell That Killed Him”
  • 2000 “The Missing”


ACS Awards

  • 13 Gold
  • 9 Silver
  • 8 Bronze